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Virtual Author Assistant Services

Let us take the strain of basic administrative and promotional tasks so that you can do what you love the most - writing more books 

Story Bibles

Are you forever forgetting the colour of your main character's eyes, or whether they had already met the protagonist at the start of the book? Does it take you hours to find the passage in the previous novel that held the details of the plot twist? 

Why not let us create a 'story bible' from your novel, allowing you an easy reference tool to speed up the process of writing the rest of the series?

Includes: Character profiles, Family trees/relationships, Timeline of events, and a list/ descriptions of locations.

Can be designed in Xls spreadsheet, word, publisher or PDF.

For books of less than 100k words - £250

For books of more than 100k words - £300

If you'd prefer a handwritten notebook with hand drawn maps and tables, posted to your location, get in touch for a quote.

Social Media Management

Do you dread the countdown to the launch of your next book? Do you keep forgetting to post the countdown to publication day, or find it hard to keep up the momentum? 

We can schedule the entire campaign for you, or keep things ticking over while you're away on holiday or busy with the day job.

Whether you need a short period of help or scheduled assistance, VAAS can lighten the load.

Branded social media graphics with appropriate tags, scheduling on FB, Twitter, Instagram to your specifications for as few or as many hours as you need, whether that is a couple of hours per week or per month, it's entirely up to you. Get in touch and tell us what would help.

Beta pricing hourly rate, £25 hr

Formatting Manuscripts

HT VAAS will format your word file, with the associated front and back matter and table of contents, according to your specifications, and make it ready for ebook and/or paperback upload to KDP. 

At this time, we are not able to format children's picture books, or include fancy chapter headers, until the software developers for 'Atticus' has fixed a couple of bugs in the system. Until then, we can format standard word files ready for upload.

For books fewer than 100K words - ebook only - £50 

Ebook and print - £75

For books greater than 100K words - ebook only - £75 

Ebook and print - £100

Amazon Keyword & Category Research

Did you know that you can email KDP and ask for your book to be placed in an additional 8 sub-categories (10 altogether)? Not just for your ebook, but a different set for your paperback version too. That's twenty subcategory pathways to research for just one Amazon store. It would be simple if all the world's Amazon stores used the exact same sub-category (search and browsing) pathways, but they don't! You have to look up each one for yourself, for each store. 

That's where VAAS can help. Not only can we search for the sub-categories suited to maximise the visibility of your book in the US, UK, Canadian and Australian stores, but we can write the email for you, ready to send to KDP. 

We can also maximise the number of keywords allowed, ready for you to load up to your KDP dashboard. 

If wide distribution is what you're aiming for (not exclusive to Amazon), and those BISAC categories are giving you a headache, VAAS can help.

If you're dabbling in Amazon advertising and are struggling to find the time to research your comparable authors as target keywords, we can help with that too.

Beta pricing hourly rate, £25 hr inclusive of UK VAT

Email and Newsletter Management

Has your inbox grown so unmanageable that you daren't even open the app? Are your fans squawking at you on social media because you haven't found the time to answer their message? Did you miss an important invitation or opportunity because the email was lost in an ocean of messages?

Let us triage your emails. We can reply to simple messages on your behalf, report the spam, and alert you to the most urgent or important messages. Once we are on top of things, we can manage the account weekly, monthly or more often if you prefer. 

Whatever it takes to keep you writing that next bestseller, right?

If you're struggling to keep your subscribers happy with regular newsletters, we can help with that too.

Beta pricing hourly rate, £25 hr

Banners, Adverts & Posts

Have you ever noticed how some authors seem to nail it with coordinating their social media/website headers, their A+ content on Amazon, and all their posts? Somehow, you can spot something of theirs a mile away. 

That is simple branding. Whether you need the fancy swirls and heart-stopping images associated with historical romance, or the bloody and brutal Norse symbols of the Vikings, we can help.

Tell us your style, and we will create branded templates for all your online needs.

Beta pricing hourly rate, £25 hr 

Scheduled Help

Are you so overwhelmed that you just don't know where to begin?

That's okay. One step at a time.

VAAS can help you whatever stage you're at in the author world.

If you need a combination of the services above or something listed below, get in touch and we can work out how many hours of help per month you need.

Some other areas in which we can help:

  • Researching/fact checking to underpin your writing

  • Managing websites

  • Continuity and structural editing

  • Animated banners & posts

Beta pricing hourly rate, £25 hr

How to Book a Service

In most instances, all it takes is an email to

If you're unsure of what you need, open a chat from the Member's Chat button at the side, or send Sam a quick email to schedule a video chat. Whatever suits you. 

When you have decided what services you require, Sam will draw up a standard contract (with confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses built in) and a quote document and/or invoice. The formal (digital) paper trail is necessary for you to offset the costs against your income taxes.

Work undertaken will be timed using Toggl (or a similar application with downloadable timesheets and analytics to attach to invoices) and rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. Progress update frequency will be determined before the work is done.

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