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Hello Historical Fiction fans and fellow authors -- I'm delighted to have been accepted as a Guest Contributor to Historical Times! Although not new to being a published writer, I am fairly new as an author. My first novel was released in December 2020, and the interlinked, second book was published in mid-June 2021.

I am keenly interested in the early 20th century up until Word War II. (However, I plan on breaking with my self-imposed tradition and my third novel will take place in 1956.) And as a former travel journalist, in my books I'm likely to include some destinations around the world that I have visited. For example, Gothenburg, Sweden, is a prominent setting for my debut novel, Unconventional Daughters.

Being Canadian and a native Nova Scotian, the primary settings I use are towns and cities I know intimately. Unconventional Daughters takes place in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from (approximately) 1900 to 1935. Uncommon Sons takes place in Nova Scotia's capital city, Halifax, in 1935-36 during the Great Depression. This is the city in which I currently reside.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to interacting with those of you who have similar interests!

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