Ancient History

From Bronze Age Hittites to the expansion of the Roman empire, authors such as Harry Sidebottom, Margaret George, Gordon Doherty, SJA Turney, Christian Cameron, and Brook Allen will transport you to worlds beyond reckoning. 


Christian Cameron

Christian Cameron is an historical author living in Toronto, Canada.  He has studied medieval and classical history and languages, is a veteran of the US Navy and teaches historical martial arts, including fighting in armour. He's a passionate reenactor of Ancient Greece and Medieval Italy, and can be found most weekends in one set of kit or another, but it's not all fighting and war; Christian enjoys sewing, cooking, fishing and gardening. And splitting firewood.  And cats.


Christian has published twenty-one historical novels, including 'Tyrant' and 'Killer of Men' set in Ancient Greece, and the acclaimed 'Chivalry' series covering the later fourteenth century in England and Italy.  His latest book, 'Hawkwood's Sword' is out in July and covers the murder of the Black Prince's brother in Italy and the resulting political turmoil through the eyes of an English Knight, Sir William Gold.

Christian also writes medieval fiction, and fantasy under the name Miles Cameron.


Harry Sidebottom

Harry Sidebottom was brought up in racing stables in Newmarket where his father was a trainer. He had a basket saddle on a donkey before he could walk.

He was educated at various schools and universities, including Oxford, where he took his Doctorate in Ancient History at Corpus Christi College. In similar fashion he has taught at various universities including Oxford, where he is now Fellow and Director of Studies in Ancient History at St Benets Hall, and Lecturer in Ancient History at Lincoln College.

His first book Ancient Warfare: A Very Short Introduction was published by OUP in 2004. It got excellent reviews. The Times Literary Supplement described it as “jam-packed with ideas and insight … a radical and fresh reading of Greek and Roman warfare that is both surprising and stimulating.” For The Guardian it was “a boot camp for the brain – a short, sharp shock to the presumptions.” The Contemporary Review dubbed it “a tour de force.” Robin Lane Fox described it in print as “outstandingly good.” It has been translated into Japanese (2006) and Chinese (2007). Translations into German and Greek are in progress.

Away from classical scholarship his other interests include fiction, travel, sport, booze, and women.
Since 2003 he has been a regular reviewer of fiction, especially historical novels, in the Times Literary Supplement. Here he has enthused about Robert Harris and Alan Massie, and probably made enemies for life of Erica Jong and Colleen McCullough.

Since 2006 he has been working on the Warrior of Rome series of novels featuring the Anglo-Saxon nobleman turned Roman army officer Ballista and his Familia which are set in the Roman Empire during the so-called `Great Crisis of the Third Century AD`.

He has travelled widely, especially around the Mediterranean. These trips have varied from the luxury of travelling as a guest speaker on a Cunard liner to a memorable solo journey into Albania not long after the fall of the dictator Enver Hoxha.

All his life he has gone racing, and played and watched rugby and cricket. He was a founder member of Woodstock Rugby Football Club. Recently he has discovered the pleasures of real tennis.


SJA Turney

Simon lives with his wife, children, rabbits and dog in rural North Yorkshire. Having spent much of his childhood visiting historic sites with his grandfather, a local photographer, Simon fell in love with the Roman heritage of the region, beginning with the world famous Hadrian's Wall. His fascination with the ancient world snowballed from there with great interest in Egypt, Greece and Byzantium, though his focus has always been Rome. A born and bred Yorkshireman with a love of country, history and architecture, Simon spends most of his rare free time travelling the world visiting historic sites, writing, researching the ancient world and reading voraciously.

Simon's early career meandered along an arcane and eclectic path of everything from the Ministry of Agriculture to computer network management before finally settling back into the ancient world. During those varied years, Simon returned to university study to complete an honours degree in classical history through the Open University. With what spare time he had available and a rekindled love of all things Roman, he set off on an epic journey to turn Caesar's Gallic War diaries into a novel accessible to all. The first volume of Marius' Mules was completed in 2003 and has garnered international success, bestseller status and rave reviews, spawning numerous sequels. Marius' Mules is still one of Simon's core series and although Roman fiction features highly he now has Byzantine, Fantasy and Medieval series, too, as well as several collaborations and short stories in other genres.

Now with an excess of 40 novels available and, Simon is a prolific writer, spanning genres and eras and releasing novels both independently and through renowned publishers including Canelo and Orion. Simon writes full time and is represented by MMB Creative literary agents.

Look out for Roman military novels featuring Caesar's Gallic Wars in the form of the bestselling Marius' Mules series, Roman thrillers in the Praetorian series, set during the troubled reign of Commodus, imperial intrigue in the Damned Emperors series and the Rise of Emperors series, epics of the Knights Templar, adventures around the 15th century Mediterranean world in the Ottoman Cycle, and a series of Historical Fantasy novels with a Roman flavour called the Tales of the Empire.

The first in Simon's new Roman series.

All proceeds from the novella, Vengeance go to the charity, Myeloma UK. Please support them if you can.


Simon also writes fiction in other eras and categories too. Check out his other books from the links below.

Roman Fantasy

Ottoman Empire

Templar Knights


Simon also collaborates with other fiction writers. Take a look at his and Gordon Doherty's Trilogy below.

Sons of ROme01-Doherty&Turney.JPG

Gordon Doherty

Gordon Doherty's historical interests span millennia, from the Hittites in 1500BCE to his Legionary series about ancient Rome. His books will leave you breathless. The fast action, endearing heroes and ruthless villains will have you turning the pages all through the night until dawn. Don't just take our word for it, try out his FREE short stories for yourself from his website.

This is what he says about himself:

I'm a Scottish writer, addicted to reading and writing historical fiction. My love of history was first kindled by visits to the misty Roman ruins of Britain and the sun-baked antiquities of Turkey and Greece. My expeditions since have taken me all over the world and back and forth through time (metaphorically, at least), allowing me to write tales of the later Roman Empire, Byzantium, Classical Greece and even the distant Bronze Age.


LJ Trafford

L.J. Trafford is the author of The Four Emperors Series which is set in that most dramatic of years 69 CE, when four very different men battled to succeed Nero as Emperor of Rome. Palatine, the first in the series was awarded an Editor's Choice Mark from The Historical Novel Society. It was followed by Galba's Men, Otho's Regret and Vitellius' Feast.

She has recently branched out into non-fiction with How to Survive in Ancient Rome, a self-help guide for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves stranded in Rome in 95 CE. This is to be followed later this year by Sex and Sexuality in Ancient Rome, a very different kind of self-help book altogether.

When not warping her mind with Roman depravities, L.J. lives a quietly decent life in the wilds of East Anglia where she harbours an ambition to have hobbies.


Alex Gough

Alex has had a decades long interest in Ancient Roman history. His Carbo Series is the culmination of a lot of research into the underclasses of Ancient Rome. The new series, The Imperial Assassin, published by Canelo, is set in the reign of the Severan dynasty which is very under-examined period of Roman history.


As a veterinarian, he is also the author of two veterinary textbooks, Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats and Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Medicine, both of which have been translated into multiple languages and are in their second and third editions respectively.


Brook Allen

Author Brook Allen has a passion for ancient history—especially 1st century BC Rome. Her Antonius Trilogy is a detailed account of the life of Marcus Antonius—Marc Antony, which she has worked on for the past fifteen years. The first installment, Antonius: Son of Rome was published in March 2019. It follows Antony as a young man, from the age of eleven, when his father died in disgrace, until he’s twenty-seven and meets Cleopatra for the first time. Brook’s second book is Antonius: Second in Command, dealing with Antony’s tumultuous rise to power at Caesar’s side and culminating with the civil war against Brutus and Cassius. Antonius: Soldier of Fate is the last book in the trilogy, spotlighting the romance between Antonius and Cleopatra and the historic war with Octavian Caesar.

In researching the Antonius Trilogy, Brook’s travels have led her to Italy, Egypt, Greece, and even Turkey to explore places where Antony once lived, fought, and eventually died. While researching abroad, she consulted with scholars and archaeologists well-versed in Hellenistic and Roman history, specifically pinpointing the late Republican Period in Rome. Brook belongs to the Historical Novel Society and attends conferences as often as possible to study craft and meet fellow authors. In 2019, Son of Rome won the Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year Award. In 2020, it was honored with a silver medal in the international Reader’s Favorite Book Reviewers Book Awards and also won First Place in the prestigious Chaucer Division in the Chanticleer International Book Awards, 2020.

Though she graduated from Asbury University with a B.A. in Music Education, Brook has always loved writing. She completed a Masters program at Hollins University with an emphasis in Ancient Roman studies, which helped prepare her for authoring her present works. Brook teaches full-time as a Music Educator and works in a rural public-school district near Roanoke, Virginia. Her personal interests include travel, cycling, hiking in the woods, reading, and spending downtime with her husband and two amazing Labrador Retrievers. She lives in the heart of southwest Virginia in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.


Nancy Jardine

Nancy Jardine lives in the spectacular ‘Castle Country’ of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Her main writing focus has, to date, been historical and time travel fiction set in Roman Britain, though she’s also published contemporary mystery novels with genealogy plots. If not writing, researching (an unending obsession), reading or gardening, her young grandchildren will probably be entertaining her, or she’ll be binge-watching historical films and series made for TV. She loves signing/ selling her novels at local events and gives author presentations locally across Aberdeenshire.


These are generally about her novels or with a focus on Ancient Roman Scotland, presented to groups large and small. Zoom sessions during 2021 have been an entertaining alternative to presenting face-to-face events during the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. Current memberships are with the Historical Novel Society; Scottish Association of Writers; Federation of Writers Scotland, Romantic Novelists Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She’s self-published with the author co-operative Ocelot Press.

Nancy also writes a time travel series set in ancient Rome.