Whether your interest lies in the last of the Plantagenate rulers, the end of the Byzantine Empire and start of the Ottoman Empire or how many of Henry VIII's wives were decapitated, this section will have something to suit your tastes.


Margarget George

Margaret George specializes in epic fictional biographies of historical figures, taking pains to make them as factually accurate as possible without compromising the drama. Her The Autobiography of Henry VIII had its 30th anniversary this past September, and continues to be popular. ABC-TV based its 1999 Emmy-nominated "Cleopatra" miniseries on her The Memoirs of Cleopatra. All of her books have been bestsellers, with twenty-one foreign translations.

Margaret's father was in the Foreign Service and so she lived overseas for her early life, in such different places as tropical Taiwan, desert Israel, and cold war Berlin, all of which were great training for a novelist to be. She started writing 'books' about the same time as she could write at all, mainly for her own entertainment. It was a diversion she never outgrew. Her published works are: The Autobiography of Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles, The Memoirs of Cleopatra, Mary Called Magdalene, Helen of Troy, Elizabeth I, and an illustrated children's book, Lucille. The Confessions of Young Nero, and Splendor Before Dark, both focus on the life of Emperor Nero.

Margaret lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and Washington DC, and has a sextagenarian tortoise as a pet.

Margaret also writes novels in the Ancient History section.


Nicola Cornick

International bestselling author Nicola Cornick is a writer and a historian. After gaining a BA in History from the University of London she worked in academia for a number of years before returning to university as a mature student at Ruskin College, Oxford. Her specialism is Public History and she gained a Masters with Distinction for her work on heroes and hero myths. She is a trustee of the Friends of Lydiard Park, an 18th century stately home in Wiltshire, and she researches the history of the Craven Family and Ashdown House for the National Trust.

Nicola’s most recent books are dual time mysteries that combine an historical and a contemporary thread. The first of these, House of Shadows, was based on the research she has done into Elizabeth of Bohemia, the Winter Queen. Her new novel, The Last Daughter of York, is inspired by the 15th century mystery of the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower and was described by Alison Weir as: ‘An engaging, beautifully crafted romance that weaves together several intriguing mysteries, both ancient and modern, and questions the very essence of time itself.’ 

Nicola is a trustee of the Wantage Literary Festival and in her spare time, a puppy raiser for the Guide Dogs charity.


Dr. Owen Emmerson

Dr Owen Emmerson is a social and cultural historian. He currently works as Castle Historian and Assistant Curator at the stunning Hever Castle in Kent – Anne Boleyn’s Childhood home. He completed his doctoral research at the University of Sussex. His first book, co-authored by the historian Claire Ridgway, is entitled ‘The Boleyns of Hever Castle’.


He is the co-founder of Hever Castle’s online subscription service ‘Inside Hever Castle’ which allows you to explore Anne Boleyn’s childhood home from the comfort of your home. He has appeared in several documentaries about the Tudor era, including ‘The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family’ on BBC2


Nathen Amin

Nathen Amin is an author from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, who focuses on the 15th Century and the reign of Henry VII. He wrote 'Tudor Wales' in 2014 and 'York Pubs' in 2016, followed by the first full-length biography of the Beaufort family, 'The House of Beaufort' in 2017, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in three historical categories (Wars of the Roses, Norman England, and The Plantagenets & Medieval History). His fourth book, ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders; Simnel, Warbeck and Warwick', was released in 2020.

Nathen is an experienced public speaker, presenting talks on the Beauforts, Wars of the Roses, and Henry VII, for more than fifty societies and book festivals, including the BBC History Weekend, Windsor Castle, HistFest, Gloucester History Festival, Alison Weir Tours, Lichfield Literature Festival, Oundle Festival of Literature, Lancaster Historical Writing Festival, Bosworth Medieval Festival, Barnet Medieval Festival, and the Richard III Society. He has also featured on British, Australian and German radio and television, as well as in print and online media across the UK. As of 2020, he is a trustee and founding member of the Henry Tudor Trust, and in 2021 was elected a member of the Royal Historical Society.


Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis was born and grew up in the West Midlands. Having obtained a law degree, he currently lives in the beautiful Shropshire countryside with his wife and children. History and writing have always been a passion of Matthew's, with particular interest in the Wars of the Roses period. His first novel, Loyalty, was born of the joining of those passions. Matthew writes both fiction and non-fiction.

a glimpseofthewaroftheroses-MatthewLewis.PNG

Wendy J Dunn

Wendy J. Dunn is an Australian author, playwright and poet who has been obsessed by Anne Boleyn and Tudor History since she was ten-years-old. She is the author of three Tudor novels: Dear Heart, How Like You This?, the winner of the 2003 Glyph Fiction Award and 2004 runner up in the Eric Hoffer Award for Commercial Fiction, The Light in the Labyrinth, her first young adult novel, and Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters.


While she continues to have a very close and spooky relationship with Sir Thomas Wyatt, the elder, serendipity of life now leaves her no longer wondering if she has been channeling Anne Boleyn and Sir Tom for years in her writing, but considering the possibility of ancestral memory. Her own family tree reveals the intriguing fact that her ancestors – possibly over three generations – had purchased land from both the Boleyn and Wyatt families to build up their own holdings. It seems very likely Wendy’s ancestors knew the Wyatts and Boleyns personally.

Judith Arnopp

A lifelong history enthusiast and avid reader, Judith holds a BA in English/Creative writing and an MA in Medieval Studies. She lives on the coast of West Wales where she writes both fiction and non-fiction based in the Medieval and Tudor period.


Her main focus is on the perspective of historical women but more recently is writing from the perspective of Henry VIII himself.


Judith is also a founder member of a re-enactment group called The Fyne Companye of Cambria and makes historical garments both for the group and others. She is not professionally trained but through trial, error and determination has learned how to make authentic looking, if not strictly HA, clothing.


You can find her group Tudor Handmaid on Facebook. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.


Derek Birks

Derek was born in Hampshire in England but spent his teenage years in Auckland, New Zealand, where he still has strong family ties. For many years he taught history in a secondary school in Berkshire but ten years ago he took early retirement to concentrate on his writing. Apart from writing, he spends his time gardening, walking and taking part in archaeological digs. Derek is interested in a wide range of historical themes but began his writing career with the late medieval period. He writes action-packed fiction which is rooted in accurate history. His debut historical novel, Feud, is the first of a series of eight books and one novella now entitled The Wars of the Roses which follows the fortunes of the fictional Elder family. Derek has also written a bestselling trilogy set largely in post-Roman Britain. The Last of The Romans focuses on the real Romano-British character of Ambrosius Aurelianus during the fifth century AD. Derek has also written many non-fiction historical articles and produced over 40 podcasts on the Wars of the Roses.


Derek also writes Roman Fiction


Vivienne Brereton

Words have always played an important part in my life, whether it's been writing, editing, teaching English, or just picking up a good book. After stays, short and long, in six countries did I finally settle down to write my first novel.


Having three sons came in very handy when I had to write about squabbles between the male characters in my novel. Not so handy when I took my boys to Hampton Court and one of them got lost in the maze! Seeing 'A Phoenix Rising', the first book in the series 'The House of the Red Duke' in print for the first time was a moment of great joy for me.

Catherine Meyrick

Catherine Meyrick is a writer of historical fiction whose stories weave fictional characters into the gaps within the historical record - tales of ordinary people who are very much men and women of their time, yet in so many ways are like us today.


These are people with the same hopes and longings as we have to find both love and their own place in a troubled world. Although she grew up in Ballarat, a large city in regional Victoria, Catherine has lived all her adult life in Melbourne, Australia.


Until recently she worked as a customer service librarian at her local library. She has a Master of Arts in history and is also an obsessive genealogist. When she is not writing, reading and researching, she enjoys gardening, the cinema and music of all sorts from early music and classical to folk and country & western. And, not least, taking photos of the family cat to post on Instagram.


Karen Heenan

As an only child, Karen Heenan learned early that boredom was the enemy. Shortly after she discovered perpetual motion, and has rarely been seen holding still since. The only thing that stops her: books, both reading and writing. She discovered historical fiction by way of the BBC Six Wives of Henry VIII series as a child, and has never recovered from her introduction to the Tudor world.


Her Tudor Court series is at two books, with a third due in 2022, and books four and five existing in her head. She's also trying to branch out, by working on a book set in 1930s Pennsylvania, which, despite being closer to her own time (and location) is surprisingly difficult to write. Karen lives just outside Philadelphia, where she grows much of her own food and makes her own clothes. She is accompanied on her quest for self-sufficiency by a very patient husband and an ever-changing number of cats. One constant: she is always writing her next book.

J.P. Reedman

J.P. Reedman - Janet P. Reedman.JPG

J.P. Reedman was born in Canada but has lived in the U.K. for nearly 30 years. Interests include folklore & anthropology, prehistoric archaeology (neolithic/bronze age Europe; ritual,burial & material culture), as well as The Wars of the Roses and the rest of the medieval era.